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  • Cheapest Flights to Coimbra: Although Coimbra does not have its own airport, you can fly into Lisbon Airport (LIS) or Porto Airport (OPO) and take a train or bus to Coimbra.
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  • Rent a Car in Coimbra: Rent a car to explore Coimbra and its scenic surroundings at your own pace. Book your rental online for convenience.
  • Book Your Tours: Discover the best tours and experiences in Coimbra, including guided walks through its historic streets and visits to renowned landmarks.
  • Essential Things to Pack: Prepare for your trip to Coimbra with our packing checklist. Don’t forget items like comfortable walking shoes, a camera, and a light jacket for evenings.

Some History First

Coimbra boasts a rich history dating back to Roman times and served as Portugal’s capital in the 12th century. It’s also home to one of the oldest universities in Europe.

Coimbra Today

Experience the vibrant blend of history and modernity in Coimbra today. Explore its narrow streets, visit ancient cathedrals, and soak in the lively atmosphere of its student population.

Is Coimbra Safe?

Coimbra is generally considered safe for tourists. Exercise standard precautions and be aware of pickpockets in crowded areas, especially near tourist attractions.

Where is Coimbra?

Located in central Portugal, Coimbra sits approximately halfway between Lisbon and Porto, making it easily accessible by train or bus from both cities.

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What is the Best Time to Visit Coimbra?

The best time to visit Coimbra is during the spring (March to May) and fall (September to October) when the weather is mild, and the city is less crowded. Summers (June to August) can be hot, and winters (December to February) are mild but wet.

How to Get to Coimbra & Around

  • Flight: Fly into Lisbon Airport (LIS) or Porto Airport (OPO) and take a train or bus to Coimbra.
  • Train: Coimbra has excellent train connections with Lisbon and Porto. The journey from either city takes around 1.5 to 2 hours.
  • Bus: Several bus companies operate routes to Coimbra from major cities across Portugal.
  • Local Transport: Coimbra has a reliable network of buses and taxis for getting around the city.

Things to Do in Coimbra

Explore top attractions and activities in Coimbra, from visiting the historic University of Coimbra to wandering through the picturesque Old Town.


Where To Stay In Coimbra

Find the perfect accommodation in Coimbra, whether you prefer a historic guesthouse overlooking the river or a modern hotel in the city center.

What To Eat In Coimbra

Indulge in traditional Portuguese cuisine in Coimbra. Try local specialties like leitão (suckling pig), chanfana (goat stew), and pastéis de Tentúgal (egg pastries).

Entry & Exit Requirements

Check visa requirements and entry regulations based on your nationality before traveling to Portugal. EU citizens do not require a visa for short stays.

What To Pack For Your Trip

Pack essentials including travel documents, comfortable clothing for walking, a hat and sunscreen for sunny days, and a reusable water bottle.


Absolutely! Coimbra is a charming city with a rich cultural heritage and a vibrant atmosphere, making it a must-visit destination in Portugal.

Portuguese is the official language, but English is widely spoken in tourist areas and by university students.

Yes, the University of Coimbra is open to visitors. Explore its historic buildings, library, and botanical garden.