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  • Rent a Car in Barcelona: Explore Barcelona and its surrounding areas at your own pace. Rent a car conveniently online and embark on day trips to nearby attractions.
  • Book Your Tours: Discover the best tours and experiences in Barcelona. From guided visits to Antoni Gaudí’s masterpieces to wine tastings in the Penedès region, plan your itinerary with trusted local operators.
  • Essential Things to Pack: Prepare for your trip to Barcelona with our packing checklist. Don’t forget items like comfortable walking shoes, a reusable water bottle, and a camera to capture stunning architecture.

Some History First

Immerse yourself in Barcelona’s fascinating history, from its Roman origins and medieval past to its modernist movement and role in the Spanish Civil War.

Barcelona Today

Experience the vibrant energy of Barcelona today. Explore its bustling streets, sandy beaches, and lively neighborhoods that blend Catalan traditions with contemporary flair.

Is Barcelona Safe?

Barcelona is generally safe for tourists. Exercise standard precautions, especially in crowded tourist areas, and be aware of pickpockets in popular spots like Las Ramblas.

Where is Barcelona?

Located on the northeastern coast of Spain, Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and sits along the Mediterranean Sea.

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What is the Best Time to Visit Barcelona?

The best time to visit Barcelona is during the spring (April to June) and fall (September to October) when the weather is mild and there are fewer crowds. Summer (July to August) is peak tourist season with warm temperatures and lively festivals.

How to Get to Barcelona & Around

  • Flight: Fly into Barcelona El Prat Airport (BCN) from major cities around the world.
  • Airport Shuttles: Convenient airport shuttle services are available to transport you to the city center.
  • Public Transport: Barcelona has an efficient metro, bus, and tram network for getting around the city. Purchase a T-10 ticket for multiple journeys.
  • Taxis & Uber: Taxis are readily available, and Uber operates in Barcelona.

Things to Do in Barcelona

Discover top attractions and activities in Barcelona, from visiting the Sagrada Família and Park Güell to enjoying tapas in local markets and strolling along the vibrant waterfront.


Where To Stay In Barcelona

Find the perfect accommodation in Barcelona, ranging from boutique hotels in the Gothic Quarter (Barri Gòtic) to beachfront resorts in Barceloneta.

What To Eat In Barcelona

Indulge in the flavors of Catalan cuisine. Try paella, patatas bravas, and fresh seafood at traditional tapas bars and Michelin-starred restaurants.

Entry & Exit Requirements

Check visa requirements and entry regulations based on your nationality before traveling to Spain. EU citizens do not require a visa for short stays.

What To Pack For Your Trip

Pack essentials including travel documents, comfortable clothing for warm weather, sunscreen, and a guidebook or map of Barcelona.


The official currency of Spain is the Euro (EUR).

While Catalan and Spanish are the official languages, English is widely spoken in tourist areas.

Tipping is not mandatory but is appreciated for good service. Leave a small tip (5-10%) at restaurants if satisfied with the service.